BioLite CampStove 2 Wood Burner Stove

A wood fueled cooking and charging solution rolled into one lightweight stove, the BioLite Camp Stove 2 is as versatile as it is ingenious.

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The CampStove 2 is a unique biofuel wood burning camp stove that allows you to both cook and generate electricity when in use.

Capable of generating 3 watts of usable electricity, the BioLite stores it in its internal powerbank, at which point you can charge anything from LED lights to mobile phones via a USB charging connection.

The advantage here is that the internal, rechargeable 2600 mAh battery stores excess power for you to then charge devices at a later point without a live fire.

An LED Dashboard on the CampStove 2 provides real time feedback on everything from the strength of your fire, to power output, and current fan speed settings

Inside the BioLite,  4 fan speed internal jets are used to circulate air for improved combustion and heating efficiency with the result that you can boil 1 liter of water in 4.5 minutes.

The CampStove 2 Wood Burner Stove is lightweight enough to carry in a backpack and its aluminum legs fold up for nested portability and durability when packing and on the move.

Whether you’re camping, preparing for a blackout, or planning a bug out strategy, if you’re looking for a highly versatile, efficient and naturally powered cooking and device charging system rolled into one piece of kit, then this is an excellent solution to have on hand.

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