Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator Kit

This portable solar power generator kit contains everything you need to power up to seven small devices if the lights go out. Just add sunlight and you’ll have instant electricity or a portable power pack at full charge within 20 hours.

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This combination solar generator kit from Goal Zero combines the excellent Yeti 400 Lithium portable power unit with the equally capable Nomad 28 Plus solar panel solution.

Designed to deliver backup power to small devices in a whole host of power-less situations, this solar generator kit and its 428Wh lithium portable power station enables you to run up to 7 devices at once.

The Nomad 28 Plus which makes up the solar panel contingent of this kit will charge the power unit from empty to full in around 20 hours, while the power plant itself includes a continuous 300W, 1200W surge pure-sine wave inverter, 2.4A USB ports, and 120W 12V ports.

If you’re looking for a solar generator solution that can power small devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, and small appliances such as lights and CPAPs, then the Goal Zero kit is a high performance choice.

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0-100 Charge Time

20 Hours


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