Platypus Big Zip LP Reservoir – 2 Liter

A high-capacity, low-profile hydration solution for carrying water in your pack or bag, the Platypus Big Zip LP is easy to refill and use, while offering a number of features to keep clean water protected and taste-free until you need it.

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Platypus is a brand that knows a thing or two about high performance hydration bladders and the Big Zip reservoir is proof of this in action.

Featuring a wide-mouth opening which utilizes a slidelock design closure for easy refilling, the Big Zip LP offers a low-profile design which makes it ideally suited for taking up minimal space in your bag, backpack, hydration pack.

This ease of use is taken further by the inclusion of a quick-release hose and shutoff valve which add to the ease of use when filling and drinking.

A BPA, BPS, and Phtalate free construction makes sure that the water you fill this bladder with remains as clean as it was when you filled it and ensures a taste-free experience.

Similarly, silver-ion protection in the reservoir protects it (and your water) from mold and bacteria which is exactly what you want when carrying clean drinking water for any prolonged period of time.


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