Wise Company Fruit Heirloom Seeds

Add fruit to your survival garden with this variety kit of heirloom fruit seeds and enjoy the harvest year after year as part of your emergency preparedness and resilience strategy.

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The Fruit Garden Heirloom Seed Bucket brings an essential component to your food storage plan and survival garden strategy.

With each bucket containing 9 Fruit options designed to bring variety to your garden inventory, this heirloom seed kit is an essential add-on to any existing (or planned) vegetable garden and will also bring fresh ingredients to any home emergency meal kits or survival food solutions.

Each Fruit Heirloom Seed Bucket Contains the Following Varieties:

• Melon Canary, Yellow – 353 Seeds
• Melon Casaba, Golden Beauty – 353 Seeds
• Melon, Crenshaw – 265 Seeds
• Melon Honeydew, Green Flesh – 353 Seeds
• Pumpkin, Sugar Pie – 71 Seeds
• Pumpkin, Jack O’ Lantern – 71 Seeds
• Strawberry, Temptation – 50 Seeds
• Watermelon, Crimson Sweet – 263 Seeds
• Watermelon, Sugar Baby – 217 Seeds

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