Wise Company Herb Garden Heirloom Seeds

This heirloom seed kit bucket contains 10 varieties of heirloom herb seeds and is perfect for bringing variety to your emergency food preparedness planning.

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The Wise Foods Herb Garden Heirloom Seed Kit is a mini-Ropak bucket of 10 essential culinary herbs to add variety to your food storage or survival garden meals during times of adversity.

As with the other options in the Wise Foods Heirloom Seed Kit range, the seeds in this bucket are non-GMO, non-hybrid, and have not been chemically treated.

Each Herb Garden Heirloom Seed Bucket Contains the Following Varieties:

• Basil, Genovese – 3527 Seeds
• Basil, Lemon Basil – 3527 Seeds
• Chives – 4409 Seeds
• Garlic Chives – 1058 Seeds
• Cilantro, Slow Bolting – 529 Seeds
• Dill, Bouquet – 3527 Seeds
• Oregano, Italian – 31,747 Seeds
• Parsley, Dark Green Italian Flat-leaf – 3175 Seeds
• Sage, Broad Leaved – 564 Seeds
• Thyme, Common – 22,046 Seeds

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